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MAXTRAX vs TRED – Which is Better?

Lets face it if you are a keen 4WDer it is likely that you have been bogged at least once or twice during your time hitting the tracks and exploring Australia. It is no wonder that there are a large number of devices dedicated to getting us out of trouble. Recovery tracks such as MaxTrax and more recently TRED have gained some ‘traction’ in the market, but are they two identical products? Or does one brand offer better value for money over the other? We explore the differences between the two recovery devices and ask our fans for their vote.

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What features are better in one brand over the other?




Overall from the general comments when asking our fans of their preference it seems MaxTrax has a slightly better reputation and is used by more people than we spoke to over TRED.


MaxTrax seems to have more storage and accessory options when it comes to linking and harnessing the tracks into place.


As both brands have issues with broken knobs MaxTrax has an advantage in that it can be turned upside down and work on both sided. This means if you wear out one set of knobs you can just turn it around on the other side and start again.

Download this Trip Guide for offline use on your iPhone or iPad with the BillyGoat 4WD & Camping app.



TRED has a better warranty than MaxTrax, offering a lifetime warranty rather than a 2-year warranty


TRED offers 2 sizes with the 800 model being significantly cheaper and the 1100 model being approx. $70 cheaper than MaxTrax (RRP).


While the MaxTrax has a three-channel design the TRED has a 4 channel design which is intended to provide more stability. So if your wheels or the boards move there is more chance of traction being maintained.

While researching the topic it seems in terms of performance both brands can have some issues with melting or broken knobs/teeth on occasion. The key with both brands is to keep momentum steady to reduce excessive wheel spin which generally is the cause of broken knobs. But overall performance seems good for both brands in terms of actual recovery when driven correctly. From looking at the comments below it is interesting to note when both MaxTrax and TRED were taken out on the field MaxTrax were lighter and easier to clean after the recovery itself. This may be due to clay and mud being more likely to become lodged in the TRED recovery tracks. From our research, it is also important to note there is a strong consensus that the MaxTrax second generation is superior to the first, so if you choose MaxTrax to ensure you are getting the second generation.

Download this Trip Guide for offline use on your iPhone or iPad with the BillyGoat 4WD & Camping app.

What do online reviews say about both of these products?

We used Sondar, an AI feedback analysis tool to analyze thousands of online reviews to get a sense of what actual customers think. Here are the key takeaways…


Maxtrax has garnered a significant amount of praise from users across various online platforms. Here are some common themes from the reviews:

1. Ease of Use: Many users appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of Maxtrax. They often mention that the product is easy to deploy and provides immediate traction in challenging terrains.

2. Durability: The durability of Maxtrax is frequently highlighted. Reviewers mention that the product withstands harsh conditions and heavy use without significant wear and tear.

3. Customer Support: Positive comments about Maxtrax’s customer service are common. Users feel well-supported and often receive prompt assistance with any issues.

4. Price: While some users find Maxtrax to be on the expensive side, they often acknowledge that the quality and reliability justify the cost.

5. Performance: The performance of Maxtrax in off-road situations is highly rated. Users report that it significantly reduces the time and effort needed to recover stuck vehicles.


Treds also receive positive feedback, with a few distinct points mentioned by reviewers:

1. Value for Money: Many users highlight the affordability of Treds compared to other recovery boards. They find Treds to be a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

2. Effectiveness: Users frequently comment on the effectiveness of Treds in off-road recovery situations. The boards are praised for their ability to provide quick and reliable traction.

3. Flexibility and Strength: The flexibility and strength of Treds are commonly mentioned. Users appreciate that the boards are robust and can handle the weight of heavy vehicles without breaking.

4. Storage and Handling: Reviewers often note that Treds are easy to store and handle. The lightweight design makes them convenient to carry and deploy.

5. Customer Satisfaction: Like Maxtrax, Treds receives positive feedback on customer service. Users feel well-supported and happy with their purchase experience.

Common Criticisms

While both products receive high praise, there are some common criticisms:

Maxtrax: The primary concern for some users is the price. Although the quality is acknowledged, the cost can be a deterrent for some.

Treds: A few users have mentioned that Treds may not be as durable as Maxtrax in extremely harsh conditions, but this is a minor concern for most.

In summary, both Maxtrax and Treds are highly regarded by users. Maxtrax is favored for its ease of use and durability, albeit at a higher price. Treds, on the other hand, is praised for its value for money and effectiveness, making it a strong contender for budget-conscious off-road enthusiasts. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference and specific recovery needs.


“MAXTRAX is the innovative, lightweight vehicle recovery device that’s Australian designed, engineered and manufactured, PATENTED and rigorously tested here and in the world’s toughest offroad events and expeditions; and now sold in 35 countries. Launched in Brisbane in 2005, MAXTRAX has been proven around the globe as the SAFE, SIMPLE, QUICK and EASY method of vehicle recovery from sand, mud and snow. Designed by multiple Australian Design Award-winning industrial designers in Brisbane and manufactured in Australia from high quality, super tough engineering-grade, UV-stabilized, reinforced Nylon, MAXTRAX are the trusted recovery device among 4WDrivers the world over.”

– Brad McCarthy, MaxTrax managing director

“Simply put, TRED has been designed from day one to be functional … from the TRED grip, to the handles, to the shovel … it’s all about being practical and easy to use.  We have also put a huge amount of time and our plastic engineering expertise into the design to ensure we could produce a product that was accessible to everyone. People simply don’t want to pay $300 for a plastic recovery device. Enter TRED”.

– Ty Hermans, Managing Director (The Evolve Group).

What the BillyGoat Community had to say:

“Maxtrax, Original and the best!”

– Nick Byard

“I haven’t used Treds so I can’t comment on them, the cheap stuff I have used is useless and a waste of time, money and space. My Maxtrax have copped a hammering from heaps of recoveries over the years, not always me being recovered, and they seem to be still holding up Ok. Maxtrax for me, for sure.”

– Steve Dinka

“They are all the same.”

– David Morrison

“You can easily get Treds for $200 or under, and Treads lugs don’t rip off like has been known to happen with Maxtrax.”

– Ian Kaslar

“I say Max as I had a set of Treds fail me, never had Max fail me, despite a tone of abuse”

– Glenn Moore

“Treds are a cheaper copy that aren’t cheap enough to make the trade off worth it. ”

– Nathan Harriss